Hacking postponed.
Stay tuned, more information coming soon!

Refactor the World
First public hackathon by &

Hacking postponed.
Stay tuned, more information coming soon!


On our first collaboration with ReactiveConf, we decided to spend our effort on helping others.

We will collaborate with NGOs to solve their problems creative way. Selling newspapers via a smartphone application, learning sign language from a computer, managing volunteer workforce - these are challenges waiting for your skills. The result should be an application for smartphones helping with specific problems - those will be presented at the beginning of the event.

If you want to prepare, take a look at transaction processing, GPS functionality, ML, and similar areas. We prefer the use of Reactive concepts, would that be React Native, Flutter or PWA is up to you and your team.


These people will bootstrap your development and help you to avoid common traps in website development.

Alberto Silva
In these years working as developers, I have understood that there is no silver bullet when talking about tools or technologies. If you know me, you are gonna here: Javascript is my amazing thing; Agile manifesto should be remembered every day while working; Let's write tests please; Don't write to much code under frameworks; Learn techniques before tools.
Johny Velho
I am a Brazilian Software Developer that crossed the ocean to learn and help a company that is betting on my potential. Everyday, both on my own and with the help of the amazing people in the company, am learning how to simplify code using best practices and the clean code paradigm. Giving and receiving knowledge to make all of us better programmers.
Jan Čermák
Jan has a huge overlap in all design disciplines. Probably our best all-around designer here in the Product department at Socialbakers and that means something!
Jan Rus
Jan Rus graduated in Computer Graphics at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia, Pilsen where he also worked as a Scientific Researcher for 5 years. For data compression research, he received the Best Suitable Commercial Application award in 2010. After leaving academia, Jan became a founding member of the research team at Socialbakers, where he currently works as a Senior Researcher. At Socialbakers, Jan is mostly responsible for the design, research and development of core product features exploiting big data analysis and machine learning techniques. Creation of concepts and bringing them from concepts to working prototypes and implementations. When not working for Socialbakers, Jan cooperates with various startups helping them to solve data-related problems. In his free time, Jan enjoys movies and virtual reality.
Peter Krejzl
Peter Krejzl works as a Head of Research in Socialbakers. Working with a group of super clever researchers, the team's responsibility is to deliver cutting-edge features based on big data and machine learning. Peter studied Software Engineering at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia, Pilsen and then worked several years at the Monster, dealing with various data and machine learning problems, such as recommendation engines. Peter is mostly interested in Natural Language Processing and its various applications. In his free time, Peter loves photography and traveling.
Kirill Bubochkin
I was working as a backend, frontend, fullstack and mobile developer, but I would say that mobile development is my favorite area, so now I'm working as a Head of Applications in Mews. I was always obsessed with idea of creating cross-platform but high quality apps with great UX and performance, so I've tried almost all the frameworks looking for a silver bullet. All of them have their pros and contras, but Flutter for me became the most optimal and balanced solution.
Samuel Cibulka
I am former theoretical mathematics student developing mobile apps in React Native for last two years. As a developer, I am trying to find the right balance between my laziness and proactivity. I love to write simple, self-explanatory and functioning functional code. I am passionate about learning and exploring new technologies. That’s why I see rapidly developing javascript environment as an advantage. Outside of my programming job, I spend a lot of my time by coaching young talented minds and organizing various team-building activities. I feel that properly working team with open communication is essential in every business.

Application process:

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We need to balance team abilities, be honest about your capabilities please. Registration will be closed by September 12th.

Review process

We will review your application with the help of mentors. We will come back to you in a week with results of a review.


Your ticket will be issued by Eventbrite immediately. In case we decide that you are not a good fit to the event, we will invalidate your free ticket and you will be informed about this change by Eventbrite.


Hackathon will take place in acclaimed Socialbakers offices in Forum Karlin. With a lot of space, great connectivity and chill out areas, it is one of best places we can have in Prague.

Socialbakers a.s. - Fórum Karlín
Pernerova 53, Prague 8 - Karlín